You, As A Friend (By Hani For Me)

You're a friend that never run
Irregardless misery or fun
You're a friend that never leave
A true and loyal friend like you is what I believe

Meeting and knowing you, I'll never regret
If a true friendship is what I'll get
When you leave, I'll never forget
But when the time comes, I'm never prepared

I'm not ready to say goodbye
I didn't realize how fast time has gone by
Good time passed very fast
Good memories of our friendship lasts

Our friendship is parallel, where there's no end
We may go our separate ways
The power of our friendship will never be erased
In our friendship, there's no such thing as the end

I wish you all the best
Study hard but also rest
I know you can do it
You've got to just believe it

By Hani

by Fareez Nasir

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