You Ask 'Do I Feel Pressure? '

I have bills up the ass
And not enough money to last
My bills are getting pretty high
With every day that rolls by
You ask, 'Do I Feel Pressure? '

I have a fatherless daughter and son
My heart knows all I've done
To get their fathers to come this way
But they don't, no matter what I say
You ask, 'Do I Feel Pressure? '

I am falling in love with a new man
Trying to be the best woman to him that I can
Knowing I've said things that could push him away
I often feel lucky he still talks to me each day
You ask, 'Do I Feel Pressure? '

Seems everything I do is a test
Always trying to prove I'm the best
My mother never seems to see my effort though
Lots of things over this keep me angry but I continue to let go
You ask, 'Do I Feel Pressure? '

Trying to put God first in my life
Hoping he'll soon make me a wonderful man's wife
To Him I often ask, 'To YOUR standards do I measure? '
In His own way he responds and suddenly there is NO PRESSURE.

by LaCicely Nicole

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