You Ask Me Why

You ask me why I love Jesus
and speak of Him so much.
It's all a long, long story
of how my life was changed
by His touch.

I had searched to find reality
the answers were all a sham.
I wound up in a state of brokenness
and I didn't even give a damn.

Through the valley of the shadows
I tried to go it on my own.
I found I couldn't make it
At least, not all alone.

Then I remembered from my childhood,
the story of Jesus Christ,
That He was the Son of the Living God
and for me He gave His life.

I decided to follow His way to see just what would be
And now I'll tell the whole wide world,
that Jesus set me free!
'Free from what? '
I guess you think,
so I'll tell you just a part.
He forgave my sins,
delivered me,
and made me a brand new heart!

I gave Him all my broken dreams
and the filthiness in my life,
He gave me Joy for sorrow,
and Peace instead of strife.
So, now you know why I love Him,
and cherish His precious Name.
He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
and I'll never be the same.

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