GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

You Asked Me Why

It's the chemistry
The mystery
The fact that i'd bleed
That you always seem to be there
Holding on to me
Needing me
It's the way that you love me

You make me laugh
Even when i'm crying
And if i don't
It's the fact that you're trying

The warmth of the light in your face
The sensuality of your embrace
The way your kiss makes me weak
The way you respond to me
Tells me that you're what i need

Your family accepts me when they barely even know me
I once rejected the idea of a future with any man
But now my sleep is haunted
By dreams of you with me
And a future without you scares me

It's because i keep trying
Even though you've hurt me
I keep forgiving, and the only reason
I continue to be submitting
Is because i'm afraid of losing what means the most to me
Of losing what loves me

You accept me, insecurities and all
You fell in love with me, issues, perks, everything
And i find i love you more than my little girl
And you know how much she means to me

I love to feel your body
On top of or beneath me
I love to go to the places you take me
You make me happier than i ever imagined being
i adore the softness of your skin
And the eyes i constantly get lost in

The way you tell me i am perfect to you
Makes me hope thats the way you really see me
The cute little nicknames, and the random things you say
The way you get defensive about me, yet will fight me till the end
Simply for your amusement, and i always give in
You give me purpose just for being
You mean so much to me
And thats why when you asked me
The answer to the question came easy

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........thats all I got, cant say anything to this.....