You Attempt To Reassemble My Love

you’ve struggled against my fears for so long
and you’ve firmly stood your ground.
sometimes right beside me and
others times keeping vigil outside my door.

I’ve shut you out, and held you at arms length,
while you stood with your heart on a silver platter.
I know you were scared and I know you got tired
but you never gave up or turned away.

you’ve been there when I needed you
even when I didn’t want you.
you let me use you and love you
sometimes both at the same time.

willing to take anything I could offer
and never asking me to promise what I couldn’t.
Unwittingly I hurt you when I was hurting,
you cried tears for me when I was crying about someone else.

Now as I endeavor to reclaim the pieces of my heart
I gather them up, wash each one with tears,
and offer the pitiful remnants to you
while you attempt to reassemble my love.

by shannon wright

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