You Bring Heaven To My Eyes

You bring Heaven to my eyes, you're being held
accountable for the tears that I cry.
You placed the romance, and love in your words to me,
you helped me to see, the happiness in these tears I cry from the word's of thee.

You write with such grace, as you place
each word so carefully in it's place.
My heart has been enlightened, my mind sent for a spin,
as your words touch me so deep within.

Your world I have seen through your words to me,
such a lovely place for any woman to be.
I see your heart, your dignity, your life before me,
as I open your pages and start to read.

Thanks for sharing your life through my eyes,
thanks for the beauty that you share in my every sigh.
Thanks for each and every tear that you make me cry,
thank you my friend, you bring Heaven to my eyes.

by Ruth warren

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