You Broke My Heart

Poem By Rudy Hossam

You broke my heart at last,
I hope that’s what u were looking for,
Everything we shared,
Everything we planed together,
Ended because of someone,
Who doesn’t even deserve.

You acted weird lately,
Like you forgot what we were up to,
Like I was just a dream,
That vanishes when you wake up,
Like you never were for me,
So I never was for you.

I couldn’t understand why,
But you made it,
Pretty obvious last night,
You had someone else in mind.

Who you thought is ready,
To sacrifice everything for you,
Who you thought is willing,
To give away anything for you,
Who you thought will do,
Better than what I did.

But tomorrow the sun will rise,
And you’ll see what you didn’t see,
In that dark night,
That in this whole world,
You’ll find no one,
Who loves you,
As much as I do.

Comments about You Broke My Heart

looks like you were badly shocked by someone who you loved! ! ! ! foget him dear..don't let any thing break your heart.... even if he didn't deserve you....generally it is a great poem written well.
Let this be your excavation. X
Milady, I love the simplicity in this.. that makes it so real.. gr8t job.. his lost. ciao milady
You broke my heart is a nice poem but their many things on earth to worry about not insignificant lust.We should write poems that would make humans reflect on why we're here.Hossam i hope you understand me.I like the structure of the poem and the tone it sends but i detest the theme cause it's become a cliche.Again, the persona shouldn't brood much cause someone desrted her.A better person who would respect her is just around the corner.We shouldn't lose hope at all; God is with us.reach me if you wish; and also read my peoms and criticise it -i want to improve.
Rudy i guess if you tried to rewrite it with rhyme it would be more beautiful dear

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