You Called

You called
been so long
for what
only God knows

You left
once again
did not look back
not even good bye

Too many times
done this before
then unexpectedly
you called

You rattled
my senses
my life
You called

Stay away
my heart yearns
no more drama
I just beg

Claim you love me
miss me more
still confused
you called

Only listened
every word
you conveyed
Still I am asking
why you called

by Princess Me

Comments (4)

please answer the call and don't bother anymore why he called. nice poem princess keepit up.
hey very good poem.. d pain in d heart is easily visible....
very nice princess...
Hi Princess, another good one I am so glad you decided to write more and not take early retirement. A 10 from me, nice one. All the best, David