You Can Conquer Any Weather

Poem By David Darbyshire

My face falls into my hands,
can't cope any more.
Down the drain went all my plans,
put them in the bottom drawer.

This all might sound hardcore,
but my plan I will not ignore.
I'm gonna pull myself together,
I can conquer any weather.

My plan I dug out again,
going to use my brain.
I am not quite slain,
I will not hang my head in shame.

Any plan is a good plan,
you just got to stick to it.
Hold your head up be a man,
what ever you do don't quit.

Comments about You Can Conquer Any Weather

needed this lil pep talk this morning....thanks....Vallerie
Good poem David, but remember, be flexible with that plan. Smiling at you, stretching! ! ! lol Tai
nice poem Dave............

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