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You Can Not Call These Folks Mentally Sick
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Can Not Call These Folks Mentally Sick

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

They can not get enough,
Of being in someone else's business.
And since they evade truth...
They create their own.
With initiated lies they are quick to tell.
Seeped within embellishment,
To entertain anyone listening.

And they wonder why their children...
Occupy jail cells and juvenile detention homes.

These folks are never home,
Building anything on foundations of strength.
They are too busy seeking to destroy and destruct.
And with 'that' they have found success!

Then they campaign to gather loudly...
To strain the ears of anyone,
Who will give them time.
To hear their voices wail and cry!
That a unity is dieing.
And this has been done...
By those trying to keep them divided!

You can not call these folks mentally sick!
Their addictions to this has been historic.
And they take what is said,
To become offended by it!
Debating amongst themselves...
In churches that surround them,
Praying for a fix as they sit...
Dressed in their Sunday best!
And passing out judgements.

It is there to be observed!
In all its franchised splendor.

'I smell a conspiracy! '

As long as you do not satisfy a craving to taste it,
You will be just fine!

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