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You Can Not Force Anyone To Love You
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Can Not Force Anyone To Love You

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Trust me...
That cute depiction of a baby in diapers,
Armed with a bow and arrow...
Is a visual metaphor,
To express one's love for another.

That massacre that happened in Chicago,
Many years ago...
Was not a gangster's way,
Of showing devoted love.
That had something to do with the liquor wars.

On Valentine's Day...
It is more popular to send cards,
Or buy candy to deliver with flowers.
I know you are 'idealistic'...
And want to interprete your love as true?
But the diaper wearing?
Machine gun? The candy and flowers?
AND a bow and arrow?

You can not force anyone to love you.
No matter how ridiculous.
Get a divorce.
Send a card.
Trust me.
That's more simple than paying court fees.
And requesting me to appear,
To give you a wholesome character reference.

Love does not mean having to say you're sorry.

'That's not original.'

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Comments (1)

i have to disagree with you on this mr. pertillar..just a difference in opinion...love means to be able to say a sorry without any shame or fear... and true no one can force another to love but even this is true no one can force another to not to love... :)