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You Can Not Have It Both Ways
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Can Not Have It Both Ways

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You can not have it both ways.
You can not market decadence.
And then preach about its ill affects.
Especially when you have enjoyed it the best!

You can not sit in judgement to condemn.
When every rule and law that is made...
You are the first to be found breaking them!

You can not profess what should be right for others...
When you do what you please,
Wherever you wish to express your druthers.

And you are certainly no example,
To a way of life you defend.
When standards you believe should be followed...
You can not uphold yourself.
If you begged, steal or borrowed.
Without becoming offensive about your whims.

And deceit and stealing...
Are not unfamiliar to you!
In fact...
Did you not teach how,
To succeed using that?
Aren't you the one to climb to heights...
By keeping others back?

Would you like to redo,
Your own tainted tracks?

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