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You Can 'say' You Have Faith
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Can 'say' You Have Faith

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I've lost everything.
My way of life.
My pride.
My happiness.

At least there is something left you kept! '

And what is that?

'Your ability to show and tell!

You see that woman dragging that mink coat?
She can't say a word!

And look at that dude staggering across the street!
I bet you wouldn't believe this...
But just a few days ago,
They both told me...
I wasn't worth the air I breathe.
Of course...
That was before they were 'Madoff'ed.

Now look at them!
They are speechless!
And here you are...
Still able to speak!
And that is in your possession!

So 'all' is not lost.
Be grateful.
You can 'say' you have faith.
And maybe one day believe it!

Those folks invested in greed.
Now look at them.
They wouldn't know how to use a pot,
To piss in!
Trust me...
You've been blessed.
Just know it! '

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