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You Can’t Break Me
AR ( / United States)

You Can’t Break Me

Poem By Alisha Ricks

Your blunt words don’t distress me
Because your pain is my lust
So go ahead taint me why don’t you
I breathe through your diminutive laughter
Since I am like a bird I continue to soar

Because you can't break me

Your atrocious glare don't make me quiver
Because my smile is what you'll remember
Your noise don't make me jump
Because I triumph

You can't break me

God is a just judge
And God is angry with the
Wicked everyday

You do no good by trying to break me
Because I have faith in God
And I know in my heart he will rise and save the righteous

You can’t break my silence
You can’t break my faith
You can’t break my inspiration
You can’t break my mind
You can’t break the love in my heart
Because God has my heart

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