Animation School 1993

Animation school I did go
To learn 3D Studio
It was the first 3D animation
software that could be found
It was used from NYC to Tinseltown.
I was photographed with fellow
Blond classmate—
We were looking at the school’s
Brochure that was up to date.
All animation students made a sample
Of all their work in class-
Some classmates were top brass.
Like August Johnston who still
Is in the trade-
He works on 3D animations
That are rendered high grade.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 26,2015

by Suzae Chevalier

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Service has composed a loveliest Song, humorous, full of spirit and with tints of irony. He has a natural gift to make his poems sound sardonic, which brings flavor in all his ouvre. The title says it all: You Can'T Can Love. A highest merit, this Song poem of earlier era. A most suitable choice of Poem Hunter for this CPOTD. Congratulations! Myriad of 10's for the vote!
A beautiful poem of love and recited in such spirit.