You Can'T Give Me A Reason.

Explain why I should stay,
You love me I know,
But I’m wasting away,
I’m just a living freak show.
I’ve devoted everything to you,
But the whispers in my head,
I don’t know what to do,
They only speak of lead.
You never understood me,
But how could you?
How stupid could I be?
I should have known you would never see.
No one has ever known,
Or even cared,
Or maybe it was never shown,
I’m oh so scared.
So reaching for this blunt knife,
I stare blankly into my mind,
I hoped you would be my wife,
But I guess that’s something I will never find.
This blade,
It’s so dull,
So empty,
Like me.
And with this cigarette in my hand,
And blood running down my sleeve,
I hate this selfish land,
You just had to leave.
Now I fade away,
Into deaths empty bliss,
My thoughts begin go astray,
And nothing will I miss.
Sweet dreams,
Have a good life.

by James Harradine

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