Sweet Revenge

all alone i have cried
wiping teardrops from my eyes.
hiding the pain that i'm in
wondering if in love, i'll ever win.

i fell in love with you from the start
then you went and broke my heart.
they say that you took me for a ride
it seems on that, i can't deny.

my question to you would be 'why me'?
what have i done for you to treat me this way?
what did i do? what did i say?

you know the feelings that i had locked up inside.
for my heart was an open book
and inside it, you took a look.
you found my weaknesses, my heartaches, and despairs
hurting me 'you did not care'.

now there's a thought brewing in my mind.
i could play this game the same as you
but i'm going to carry it all the way through.
you hurt me, without me knowing why
now it'll be your turn to cry.

it was six months ago this very day
that with my heart, you did play.
they tell me that you're engaged to wed
but with him, you will not bed.

for i had set him up with a date
and you will lose him, it is your fate.
you will catch him with another
while you're shopping with your mother.

he will go with her to a hotel room
and you'll bust him really soon.
you will feel the pain that i had felt.
this is the hand to you i dealt.

(revenge can be sweet, or a misguided feat)

by louis rams

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