You And Your Ways

The end is nearing on the wings of a sparrow,
Time is hanging on the very edge of existence,
Life slips into the abyss of aching,
No one can catch a glimpse of your sadness,
You won’t prove your deserving,
You shan’t give yourself up that easily,
Yet, as time loses its grip,
And the end’s wings fade away,
And life reaches the bottom,
You still are blind to the possibilities all around,
Traversing the world in a single breath,
Simple blessings cause untold sins,
You are empty to the warmth of Sol,
And you feel no chill from Mother Moon,
Your heartache is non-existent,
Your troubles aren’t consequences,
And your trail is tangible,
I feel the places where you’ve stood,
I know of the voice that you call “Conscience”,
And how little ‘science’ there is to your ways,
I see the destruction from your ideas,
I hear the sound of the nothingness you have created,
I smell the burning of the world around us,
I taste the bitterness on the wind,
I sense the imminent doom that will befall us,
The hatred,
The greed,
The narcissism,
The egotism,
And the ignorance that surrounds us all,
On the verge of total collapse,
With the silent wind of death blowing,
I sense the devastation that comes from you,
I see the future of our lives,
And not much life shall be worth living,
Because of you and your ways.

by K.N. Sheldon

Comments (7)

This poem sums up how we should view life. It will never be everything we want it to be, but it can often be beautiful if we know where to look. I also loved the flow of this poem, its very soothing.
This poem left me absolutely breathless! ! ! She ran the gamut of emotions from all quarters and ages of life and I want to read this again and again and again. It's not just a poem, it is Literature.
A poem of great appreciation for life and great respect for the joys and sadness it brings. Congrats on poem of the day!
Amazing pice of work.
A man can learn what he likes but there are so many things that we cannot.....Nobody did that and nobody will ever be able to do that...A thought provoking poem.10++++
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