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You Cannot Say Anything
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You Cannot Say Anything

Poem By Milla van der Have

You cannot say anything about love, just this:
she's not there

Who remembers the names I gave you in the hour of the grave
all your names written on your body?
How I felt you in a grand gesture

who remembers how I broke my body
every morning on yours. Like bread
to the destination, like ashes on their way to the fire

who knows about your hair, about your hands about
your lips that tangle me like a memory?

There's no way out and everything unravels
in every danger danger lurks, in every charm
alarmbells ring. The calling is too
grand, love's too severe
to resist

And I unspoken fall
from spark to flint to
breathless moment in between the flames

You cannot say anything about love, just
that she brings what lacks: passion
to the death between the beats.

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Comments (1)

cool poem i am out of words to express it. well keep on writing again and again i will be waiting for more of you poems koni