You Change The Nature With Your Deals.

I remember our first love,
Breathing suspense for your face,
Staring vacant for miraculous feast,
Sending goodbye to troubling eye –lids.

My innocence anchored upon you,
And in your acting it grew,
I never thought you fake,
Nor ever my confusion doubted.

And now I feel me a bankrupt,
Of what I had, and I wished.
Yours is a through cheating,
For making me characterless.

Time’s cozy ups and downs,
Senses appetite round and round,
Wearing social garments and gown,
Are now the prey for my former hounds.

O killer! Oh! Thriller,
Destroyer of my good and evils,
You trap a dove, for the grandest hope,
And change the nature with your deals.

by Bazi alis Subrata Ray

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