You Changed Too Much.

Poem By Whitney Cervantes

The year goes fast,
as the days go by.
You changed so much,
and I want to know why?
The boy I knew,
he didn't need to change.
To me he was perfect,
but now he's out of range.
I can't talk to him about anything,
or even say hey.
Because to him I'm annoying,
in every single way.
You were all I could think of,
I couldn't get you out of my head.
My mind was racing,
but now I know what you've said.
I didn't hear you say it,
I didn't have to; I kno you did.
Hunny I'm not stupid,
I'm not a little kid.
You're always acting and your never real,
Gah you're so fake.
And I didn't even see it,
I must not have been awake.
I was blind,
but now my eyes are open; I can see.
All the pain and agony,
that you've caused me.
I know you'll never like me,
or at least in that way.
But why couldnt u just tell me?
That's all you had to say.
All the drinking and getting high,
its taken over your life.
You dont see it now,
because your always at strife.
Right now at 3: 50 a.m.,
you're all I can think about.
I thought you didn't do those things,
but I guess I shouldn't doubt.
See the boy I loved,
was smarter than this.
He knew what was wrong,
was ^Above the Influence^.
He could make me laugh,
he enjoyed our talks.
He knew what to say,
as if his words just came out of a box.
The year went fast,
as the days flew by.
You changed too much,
and it makes me want to cry.

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things goes wrong, people change, life goes on: D

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