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You Complete Me
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You Complete Me

Poem By agnes Mngel

I'm standing at the outskirt of the town
watching you from far..
walking in the rain
so that nobody see me crying..
hoping that you be mine someday..
coz we belong together..
now and forever

i know we have been best friends for awhile now..
but still my life is not complete without you as my life partner..
you complete me
you complete my life

in my dream,
you be mine..
but in my life,
you be a dream i wish to fullfill someday
as my life wont be complete without you as my lover
seem like it takes million of people to complete the world
but it only takes you to complete me..

there is one pain that i often feel
that you won't know
coz you were not there..
you were not there to complete me..

the pain will end when you be mine
when you complete my life
when you complete..

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