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You Create My Solitude
EW (11/01/1985 / Winston Salem, North Carolina)

You Create My Solitude

You're in the other room, I left to avoid your stare
i gaze into your eyes yet all i do is touch your hair
i saw true joy as laughter escaped your lips,
i want to feel your skin run smooth under my fingertips
to feel your heart beating through into my chest
a true love as none have known where no evils do molest
i want to know your flavor let it linger in the air
every breath i swear to savor if you woud only take my dare
i hope someday you'll see me as the girl that you need
yet i know all my cries are just many unheard pleas
you speak of her so fondly i wish it were me intstead
though now you've driven me to the point i wish that i were dead
i can't take the solitude you bring i won't let you just push me aside
i don't think you know what i'm offering you use ignorance as your pride
someday your eyes will be opened and you'll see through this fog of lies
ill be on the brighter side of things but i might just say goodbye.

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