You Dance

Dancing out of rhyme and reason.
Lacking rhythm with a pace too aged,
For the times you are behind.
And yet you request your steps be followed.
No one seems to have the nerve or courage,
To tell you...
Nothing you do nourishes to flourish!
They would rather watch you in the spotlight...
With efforts that make them sick to their stomachs,
Instead of telling you...
Not only are you out of your mind,
But the time you waste is no longer ours to give.
You dance...
Although the melody in your head has to stop!
We're just waiting for someone with heart enough...
To drag you off the floor!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Some follow, some lead, some shuffle, some weave and some just steal the show but 'dancing out of rhyme and reason' - is a dance that will never flow... great poem Lawrence, really enjoyed this one. jz
Haa haaaa! This really struck home! I taught ballroom for over 10 years! I was the worst student I had ever seen! Really enjoyed.