RW (5/4/1973 / LONDON)

You Did That For Me

She stares into the mirror,
and staring back at her;
is the reflection of a wide-eyed child,
that of a nine year old girl.

She utters not a word, remaining silent
behind the glass;
The woman watches intently, as the
reflection speaks at last.

She hears a small voice question her,
'Don't you know who I am;
I am a part of the child you were, I submerged
when the abuse first began.

I knew that I was stronger than you,
so I willingly took your' place;
and absorbed the torture you simply could not,
protecting you from guilt and disgrace.

I surmised you went into hiding, though a coward
you surely were not;
so I faced the actions of the abusers you loved,
the torture you somehow forgot.

When their playtime was finally over,
they'd quietly leave our bed;
yet you had no memory of the sexual abuse,
that for years has messed with your' head'
The woman gazed at the child, as tears fell
from her eyes;
'You did all of that especially for me,
yet I never even realized.

Will you be alright with the memories,
of the pain you endured for me;
for I was too weak and so afraid,
to face my reality'?

For once the little girl smiled, knowing
she was able to help;
absorbe the pain that the child could not,
nor deal with the shame that she felt.

by Ruth warren

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wow. thats tough stuff your dealing with. i like how you portrayed it though. its a unique perspective