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You Don'T
( / Kent, England now living in Scotland)

You Don'T

Poem By jennifer jane pryce

I don’t hear your car no more
The sound as you close the door
Your footsteps on my path and stairs
I don’t hear you anywhere

You don’t watch me anymore
Don’t lay your clothes upon my floor
You don’t see me take a bath
Don’t warm my heart and make me laugh

We don’t arm wrestle anymore
Tease and joke, and lay on the floor
Together, out of breath, as one
We don’t do that, now you’re gone

We don’t have those snowball fights
And hold each other in the night
Don’t look into each others eyes
As we are making love

But I can still imagine dear
That you still do, and you are here
One day I might forget and then
The world will have come to an end.

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Comments (1)

Thanks Jennifer, thanks Poetry. You catch me with your imagination and keep me sane. 'You still do, you are here, otherwise the world will have come to an end'. Thanks poetry. I give you a 10. (by the way read my poem 'Your name') . Bravo!