You Don'T Deserve The Title 'Daddy'

Daddy I want to tell you something Daddy, I think you ought to hear,
I want to ask something Daddy, I've been wondering for years.
But maybe first I should ask if I may call you by that name,
Do you really deserve a title you never wanted to claim.
For twelve long years Daddy, not once have you been near,
I have learned to count on mommy; she's the one who's always here.
How much do you know about me Daddy, what's my favourite meal,
When you realize you don't know me Daddy, how does it make you feel.
I gave you a chance, I figured you'd explain,
But you blew it again Daddy, where's your brain.
It makes me sad to know there's men like you in this world,
Men that don't deserve a chance to know their little girls.
I'm a caring person Daddy, I really truly am,
And if this hurts you Daddy, maybe now you understand.
Do you like the way it feels Daddy, to be thrown off to the side,
I'm just glad I never wasted tears, I've been too busy to cry.
You will never walk me down the aisle,
And we will not meet again, so you'll never get a smile.
That's how it's meant to be Daddy, if you even care,
If you think I'm heartless Daddy, I only think it's fair.
Well Daddy's little princess is what I'll never be,
But that's just fine, my mommy loves me.

by Candy Simpson

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This is REALLY good! I can relate