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You Don'T Have A Clue How I'M Going To Die
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

You Don'T Have A Clue How I'M Going To Die

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

You don't know thisyet but you will soon.
Do you know, Please know this now.
Your duaghter is going to top herself tonight.
She dosen't want you tosave her this time.
But she wants you to know that she's sorry.
Sorry for all the pain she's cuased.
But her life she can no longer bear to live.

Her heart and minfd has spoken to her.
She knew the truth.
She knew she could never be free from her past.
She knew the hurt and pain would always be there.
She knew it was killing her inside.
She knew that she could not fight any more.
She allways knew she'd lose the fight.
And deep down she allways knew,
in her heart that it would come to this.
That it would come to her suiciide.

She just wants youtoknow these things.
She loves you so much.
She couldn't make you watchher like this anymore.
And shesm sorry

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