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You Don'T Know
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You Don'T Know

Poem By Melaney Morris

You don't know me. I don't know you.
But that doesn't stop you from saying the things you do
I'm sick of what you say
So I'm confronting you today

I want you to know, that you get more than you see
And many others would surly agree
I don't care about this pain you wish to bestow
I'm going to be me, whether you like it or not
But I guess that that part of me forgot
That you don't have any other goal in life
But to cause anger and strife
I have something to say to you
And don't you forget

Let my words influence you
Let them not change who you are
But let them influece your ways
And bring you out of this phase

Don't judge me by the things I do
Or by the music I listen to
Don't judge me by the clothes I wear
Or by my cold stare
Don't judge me by my family and friends
Because I'm the same person when the day ends
Don't judge me if I glare at you
Or by the expression on my face
Don't judge me if I'm fat or thin
Or by where I've been

The point I'm trying very hard to make to you is...
Don't judge a person because you
Don't know what they've been though

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