You Don'T Know (Child Abuse)

In my life I have met a lot of people
there are some that was nice to me
and others wouldn't want to meet again
out of all there was none that could really see.

Wonder if they tried seeing my world in their eyes
know how it feels to be locked in a closet
to be beat and you can't fight the person back
it's very difficult and there were times I lost it.

You always here you need to tell someone about this
but never thought to what would happen to you
many times in my life I didn't have a choice
kept my mouth shut there was nothing anyone could do.

Were so many times I wanted to talk to someone
but at the time no one was willing to listen
did they ever really stop and think about things here
stuck in this world thinking of the things I'm missing.

Stop and think of a child that deals with abuse
step back close your eyes put yourself in their shoes
go to bed without food for days at a time
lay there in the middle of the night feeling confused.

Go to school trying to hide bruises on your body
feeling the pain inside you that won't go away
hurts so bad sometimes that it's very hard to sit
can you imagine going to school feeling like that everyday.

For those never been abuse then you have no idea
always try very hard to keep it in your mind
made it through that and will get a lot better
because you just might not be so lucky next time.

by Tracy Rollings

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