You Don'T Know Me

Poem By Nicole Holloway

Do you think you know me?
No you don't
no one knows who I am anymore
I've changed
I'm different
And I'm tired of the criticism

You impale me with painful words
Only because I am nothing like you
Only because I am different
Only because I am not the same as everyone else

My 'so-called' friends don't say a word
they're quiet, shy
afraid to speak up against them
or maybe they agree

'No one likes you'
I hear that from you
I don't care what you think
Do you think I like you?
The answer is no

What you say is not going to affect me in the future
I won't have to deal with you in 5 years
Just go away
Leave me be

For everyone who doesn't know me
Do not try
For you will never actually know
the real me

Comments about You Don'T Know Me

Holy shit! ! i feel the exact same way! ! ! ! everyone pretends how they kno me but they dont and they prolly never will. very very good and deep poem. i absolutely loved it
Hello Nicole, it fascinates me how quickly young people mature nowdays. At 14, I wouldn't have the merest notion of love, except for my parents and my older brother. I guess the distance of 60 years makes a quantum leap of difference? All the best, Jerry
Tell me how you really feel! Great poem

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