You Don'T Know My Struggle

Poem By seqouiyah young

Anger built up from to many tears; my motivation was at its max, but now it's unsatisfying cheers. Pain and hatred has filled my heart for to many years! - When It was just yesterday, when I decided to let the Lord in my life, and I feel proud to admit that it was the devil who took away my light. The oppurtunity was mine but I chose to loose without a FIGHT; law-in-order didn't have the evidence, so I never did know the key to my rights! - Heavy Burdens on my shoulders can never go away. FACT PROVEN: What can you call an aroma without an odor! The young can begin, but eventually it'll get older! - This thing isn't new, and the real never succeeded; So, I can fly low and (uh`) expect the conceited; From past events, I learned that I must achieve it. - Although when the days turn into nights, you don't know my struggle, and all the tears I done shed. (But uh`) When I was the one who took the claim of unreal; I was considered FAKE or maybe counterfeit. Instead of knowing my life you judged by what the eyes read, or walked with faulsehood like the other shadow did!

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