The Night Before School Starts

‘Twas the night before school starts,
And all through the city,
Parents were filled with joy.
They were downright giddy.

Children huddled in beds,
Many shed a tear.
Thoughts of returning to school
Filled them with fear.

All around the city,
Parents said what they love to say;
"Better get to bed now.
Tomorrow's a school day! "

by Bruce Larkin

Comments (10)

Without knowing what is love, the poet creates the influence of love in her. Beautiful lines.
you know she'll wake up with an ache she can't locate and no money and a terrible thirst. So to hell with your warm hands sliding inside my shirt and your tongue down my throat like an oxygen tube. Cover me in black plastic. Let the mourners through. Nice metaphors. Loved the poem.10 for it.
I like how love came back to life and was reckless in this poem...The ending threw me a little whereas what I took from it was you would rather her not come back to life at all? ...Cliche as it may seem isn't the joy of love doing these reckless things and being caught in the moment so to speak? Sorry if I'm being over analytical here..I love this poem...Yet it's like one of those movies that pisses you off cause it didn't go the way you wanted to..LOL
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