KSL (July 18,1991 / Clarksdale, Mississippi)

You Don'T Love Me

I know you can't and never will, but don't go trying to hurt
Just leave me here to love and hate, to cry all in the dirt
Grow from me, a tiny tree, the essence of my pain
Let the snow come freeze it still, and never show it rain

Nature hates the likes of me, I think I'm over that
It's different now, you took its place, I'm not sure how to act
To get you back, to let you go, I'm running out of petals
My heart is getting hard as rock, the first of all the metals

I hope you get it back plus ten, you still won't know the half
Soon you'll fall flat in your tracks, caught up in all my wrath
Dance in tears, I know you will, but this one you won't see
Drinking all that falls from you, I know you don't love me

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