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You Don'T Need Me Anymore

You don't need me anymore
There's someone else behind your door
She is waiting for you
I am but an extra baggage now

It hurts me to leave you
But I just would have to
What else there could I do
You don't want me anymore

All my senses trembled
When you broke to me the news
You wanted her like no other
I seemed to have died then and there

My hands are still shaking
As I am writing down these words
I cared for you and loved you so
But this you never cared to know

Now I feel so all alone
Here in the dark corner of my room
Listening to the sound of teardrops
Falling like they would never ever stop

(September 10,2008)

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Poignancy seeps through your words...this is stunning....10+++
Reality in love can hurt. Sometimes the lies are better