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(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)


Poem By Siegfried Sassoon

Yes, sometimes i am sad too
Like a normal human being
Sometimes i need to let it out too
The fear, the uncertainties,
The dreams that won't come true...
Trust me, sometimes i cry at night too
Just like you,
(and maybe a little more) .

And yes sometimes i'd rather die too
When things get too rough
I'd rather hide in a cave somewhere in Peru
When life don't catch my back
I wish i could
Bang my head against the wall
(and not bleed)
I wish i could
Sleep like a baby
(and not wake up) .

So surprise huh?
You think i'm macho and strong
You think my heart's made of steel
And my blood is blue
You think winding roads and cold stares don't bug me.

You see, my friend
Sometimes i need more than just a shelter
More than just empty conversations and blank expressions
Cause when i seek for advice
When i come running to you
I already know the answer
(but wish i hadn't)
I know by heart
The right thing to do
(but not what feels right)
How to be sensible
(must shut out my selfish wants) .

It's the comfort in words
That's what i wanna hear
It's the temporary belief in false hopes and miracles
That's what i'm looking for
When i'm done believing
And when my feet finally touches the ground
You will let me decide
Whether to hope is to disappoint.

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This too sounds like that someone I knew...almost a lifetime ago now. Good introspective piece. Ronberge