BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

You Forgot

You just went,
went and forgot about me,
how could that happen?
I guess,
i didnt leave a good impression,
maybe not one at all.
Or maybe,
it's just you dont like me,
so you made up,
some lame excuse,
well that's fine with me.
I'll live another day,
only to know,
you wont be there,
but that's ok,
cuz i'll go on my way.
Do my thing,
and forget what ever happened,
i thought you would feel,
the same way i did,
guess i was wrong.
Tell me something,
how did this happen?
how did in a few days,
you just forgot?
am i that forgettable?
I was told,
it wasn't true,
that no one could ever forget me,
though i knew it wasn't true.
: : end: :

written: 1/5/06

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i love this poem it reminds me of something in my past that im still not over but hey u did a really good job keep it up chick