My Beloved Sister.

Deep black sorrow is what remains live.
She's gone, curse you God, you have no right to do it.
But she was your child so be it.
Praise God that we had her here for 48 years.
But all those birthdays and family events is what I fear.
My dear sis rest in peace until we are joined together.
May we live eternally forever.
But if tears could build stairs to heaven. I would climb up there and bring you back.
But words can't not express what I may say.
But everyday it's worst, it's just a day.
Cutting myself to ease my pain.
Doesn't change a thing.
Drinking just ease it away.
But the memory just sway.
Pills is just a way to steal.
But your memory is still.
Wind blowing my hair.
Makes me think that you're not here.
Now as we lay you in your permanent resting place.
Makes me think about your face.
Years have gone by.
But my fears are high.
If love was all we needed to live.
Then my love would be to give.
Family misses you well.
Friends misses you swell.
May we see each other and dwell.
That we may swell together.
My dear sister sleep now.
Cause you now you may know.

by Natasha Ligons

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