You Get The Knock On The Door.

Knock knock.
I wonder who that can be?

Excuse me mam can we come in?
Says the police men at the door.
Its about your duaghter Amy.
Please take a seat.

Im so very sorry we have bad news.
Amy was found dead an of hour ago.
Im sorry to tell you.
Its suicide.

She'd slashed her thoat and wrists.
Empty pill bottles were found.
She left you this note.

We need someone to identify her.
As her mum goes to identify her duaghter.
She prays its all a mistake.
Surely Amy wouldnt do this.

When she sees the body.
She realises its her duaghter.
All she can do is scream.
Why couldnt I help her.
I should have protected her from harm.
No not my baby.

As she has to go.
She cant face to leave her baby there.
Without her beloved teddybear.

In the morning when she wakes.
She hopes it was some kind of nightmare.
But she realises it was no dream.
Her duaghter.
Her baby
Her Amy really did it
She really has gone

by Amy Kerswell

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