You Give Intelligent Life A Bad Name

You give intelligent life a bad name.
Your behavior is quite ignorant...
And you display it without any shame.
A daily deposit of snide comments,
Seems a trend you send with ease.
And those you subject,
To disrespect unsuspectedly...
Aren't amused and far from pleased.

At least in public...
Your actions aren't received!

You give intelligent life a bad name...
For attention that's obviously apparent.
But no one who observes you,
Acting with such disgust...
Find fault at all with your parents?

They probably waited until you slept,
Packed their bags and left,
You alone!
Who made you believe
An attitude like yours
Was ever acceptable or condoned?

You give intelligent life a bad name.

Are you an experiment...
From another time unknown?
Or have you been around
Being an obnoxious clown,
Reflecting social patterns
No one admits...
In this 'town'
Are quite like our own! ?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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