You Give Me Alot Of Pain

I won't speak to you not because of anything,

But just because all the pain you keep putting me through.

I forgive you and you make a mistake.

I love you and you give me alot of pain.

I don't know why,

You have to make me cry.

I don't know why you hurt me, When I try to give you all my life.

I wonder why you lie to me, When I say the sinceriest words.

Please don't say you love me.

Please don't say you miss me.

Please I beg you please don't say you need me, When you keep on hurting me.

Don't you dare say anything nice until your actions speak upon your words.

Because if you love, You shall try JUST try not to hurt.

by Ala elouri

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Wow! A truly honest and heartfelt poem straight from the depths of your being! I feel the pain and hurt seeping from your words, it's not right for someone to do that to you! Thank you for sharing so truthfully the pain another heaps upon not just you, but many others. RoseAnn