You Give Me The Beautiful Psalm

You give me psalm 23
While thunder cracks around me
you cause me to dance in the rain
The storm may rant in a rage
great winds whipping my face
The grunt and roar of the seas
Waves snap their teeth
tall and dark in the air
ready to swallow me
into a watery grave
But Your hand availed
from which I'll never slip
My foot on eternal Rock
All else will wear and destruct
But Your promises oh Lord forever stand
Thank you Abba for your mercy and Love

by Haidee Majola

Comments (6)

For Your Mercy and Love! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Hey, Haidee! It’s no wonder Ps 23 is a favorite. We have a few good versions of it in our Mennonite hymnal. Another favorite of mine is Ps 34 which I’m working on memorizing in The Message rendering. If you don’t know it, it can be accessed at the site. Blessings! -Glen
His unfailing clasp help us to sail through all that mighty storms....we all seem to have similar thoughts when it about Gods grace and mercy even if we follow different faith, we surrender and offer all our vices and he is there to sail us through.......Beautiful write Haidee....loved reading this...10 +
Beautiful! ! ! Beautiful poem of faith. I memorized Psalm 23 with my granddaughter- she accomplished that quicker then me- but be that as it may, it gives me comfort quite often as does reading this lovely poem of yours! 10
Haidee, such a heartwarming write...............10++++++++++++++++
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