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You God, Only You
WTS ( / Momence, Illinois, USA)

You God, Only You

i have questions...don't we all?
needs, even problems! yet i am content... in You
but still I wonder.
and in the midst of praise
my questions did i raise...
Lord...what is my life, in return for your sacrifice?
it was costly and sweet
victory from seeming defeat...
Lord...who am i that You desire me at all?
love unbound and free i face
perfect mercy and total grace...
Lord...how do i figure in the plan for all creation?
might beyond all that i know
creative power from your being flows!
like i said...i have questions, needs, even problems
yet i am content in You!
for all the questions there is an answer.
for all the needs there is a fulfillment.
for all the problems there is a solution.
in You...only in You.
all love, mercy, and grace...
in one holy person and one holy place...You!
i am because You were, are, and always will be...
Creator, Father, Most High God eternally!

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