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You Got It!

Sometimes you take them with you, on plains, ships,trains, buses, in cabs and on the subways.
They're delivered to libraries, offices, schools,homes, to dorms, and to where government rules.
They've been props in movies since silent screen days, also in broadway shows,and other plays.
They're read on computers in various arrays.
They're stowed in boxes where, you place some money and carry away your ware.
They're delivered by people, maybe neighbors you know, and each day without fail, they
arrive on doorstep, or lawn, or maybe on paved drive. You got it!
They're printable, dependable, readable, enjoyable, educational, stackable, recycable, versatile, and helpful!
What are they?They're part of our present and our past, and were meant to last.
One way or another, You Got It! on to the future, Newspapers!

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