You Have A Good Day Too

Don't you wish folks you confide in,
Were more reliable?
And you can depend on what is said...
Not to change,
From day to day.

And sometimes I am the one asked,
Why I am so moody?
I know I'm reflecting what is going on.
In these times of rapid change!
I can leave home with a smile on my face...
To come back and be unrecognized by my neighbors.

'Mind your business and shut up!
Of course it's me!
You don't have to threaten to call the police.
Would I have a 'key' if I was trying to break in?

I've had no recent 'work' done on my face.
It has to be the lighting!

No no no!
No need to apologize.
I understand!

You have a good day too,
Mrs. Peeper! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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