You Have Been Given Another Point Of View

I apologize if I offend you.
And those delusions you've been fed to keep.
But you see...
My life is not lived in Hollywood.
And none of my ancestors,
Came close to serving time...
On a movie set.

My comments may come as a surprise,
To upset your insights.
But my reality has been annointed by the ghetto.
In those urban centers of city life.
Where very few of those so called 'elite' go.

I apologize if I offend you.
Although I could easily cuss you out.
And not have my bitter experiences,
Think twice about it.
I was not shelter by protectors with the giving of lollipops.
Dysfunctions of all kinds I knew as friends.
I've been blessed with a mind that sees beyond limitations.

I share this with you,
Because I know of me...
You have been given another point of view.
And I don't want you to receive the wrong directions,
By anyone who believes they!
Where I have been, where I am now and where I intend to go.
And only that is revealed,
When I arrive to leave upon my announcing it.
If I wish.
And often I don't.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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