You Have Called Me A Pearl

You have called me a pearl,
Neither black nor white or grey,
I find it insulting.
You cannot forever draw
Fake curtains to hide me,
I am bound to be found out;
One day, an awakened one,
Will recognize and play with me,
Wipe away my scowl
And make me laugh and smile
In the very bright light that surrounds me
In a manner that's not subdued or incoherent.

Do not ask me to draw a line,
Thick or slender,
On the bare ground where I stand;
I have gained a preferment
By keeping my feet firmly grounded.
My finger is sore from pointing out
The faintest of dark spots
Appearing on the vast canvas called the Sky;
I cannot teach you all the time;
Do not tire me anymore;
Let me live, my friend,
Make peace with that which makes you.

by Ravinder Kumar Soni

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Ravinder, such a great poem👍👍👍