You Have Given My Heart Wings

You slowly led me to your heart,
opened your arms wide, right from the start.
We share life over land and sea,
dreaming of the day, your face I see.

You wrapped me in your wings,
and your words, to my heart did sing.
You have taken me near and far,
I am beside you, wherever you are.

Your hands have held mine tight,
your love comes to me each night.
You have scribed such beauty before my eyes,
wiped the tears this girl has cried.

I have looked through your souls window,
my eyes so full of tears, from the pain that you know.
I have carressed your face so many times,
as I have loved you deeply, in this heart of mine.

All this I can do each night as I sleep,
knowing you are there as this heart weeps.
Missing you has become an everyday thing,
but I can now reach you, you have given my heart wings.

by Ruth warren

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Heart felt write. Just be careful with net love. Patricia