You Have No Idea

No recognition today to me you can give,
Will change the facts of my life.
Or your attempts made to discredit,
And diminish them.
With a doing to have them eliminated,
As if my memory and emotions can be subtracted.
My experiences and my mind are not detached.

And no apologies you can mention,
With a doing to bestow upon me your attention...
Will not return time to give me back.
My faith and kept belief has taken care of that.

And I want you to remember this...
If you perceive I should be and show to you,
Gratitude, a bowed head and a dropping of a tear...
Not an eye will you see a dripping to drop appear!
You have no idea or a clue how many times my lips,
Have healed from being bitten with a licking of the blood.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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