You Have No Right

You have no right to judge him though wrong he has done
He too has a mother just like everyone
Convicted for a traffic speeding offense not a serious crime at all
Compared to the sins of some others his does seem quite small
He has his driving license suspended on him this is tough
A judge of the court he has judged him and on him has been hard enough
And he does not need one like you to verbally put him down
Remember he too has to live in this town
He is far from a bad person though he has had a slight fall from grace
Just a bit wild in his ways though his heart's in the right place
For being his self appointed judge any award you will not receive
You and people like you on live and let live never could believe
You have no right to judge him though you do not see it this way
For his traffic violation his state appointed judge has decided on the price he should pay.

by Francis Duggan

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