You Have Not Yet Learned To Survive

You have not yet learned to survive.
I've heard you make excuses for it.
As you sit in the comfort of your parents' home.
Who provide amenities,
You use and they condone.

You have not yet learned to survive.
I listen to you pass your judgements,
On my appearance and how I dress.
And how I live alone,
Without complaints of being stressed.
And every bill I pay...
I do that on my own.
And that stress factor?
I have no reason to make that known.

You have not yet learned to survive.

You say you raise children?
Who are more with your folks than they are with you.
I have yet to see you do that by yourself.
Without complaining you have no social life left.
And you say your folks are always in your business.
If you stayed away and took care of it,
No one but you would know what that business is.

But you like to announce you have no life and two kids!

And then you tell me,
I don't know what life is about?
I don't know what it is to sacrifice?
Since I have it made living alone,
With no creditors ringing my phone!
And I am always at home I never go out!

Where 'is' your mind?
At Six Flags?
Or DisneyWorld?
Which one is it?

You have not yet learned to survive.
Not if you are relying on others,
To keep your lifestyle alive!

And I know you want to keep your 'lifestyle' alive!

Along with your siblings!
Who bring 'their' children...
For stops at mom and pop's.
To leave and come back when they please!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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